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Students Mentoring

Mentoring System Followed At Our College

Introduction: During ther four years of journey through the B.Pharm program students are kept under mentoring, guidance and counseling by the faculties as mentors. Direct academic issues e.g. selection of electives can be easily communicated to the student, but finer nuances e.g. career options or fear of a subject/course need greater involvement of the mentor. Obviously, all the students have the mentors all through the four years of his/her in campus journey.

Mentoring system was followed since long back but take definite shape in this college since 2016, to improve the institute’s present endeavor towards academic quality enhancement in line with NBA guidelines; it has become necessary to redefine/reform the existing system. The students will be greatly benefited by continuous expert guidance.

Systems Followed: The new process has been established as mentoring system and each faculty normally will be the mentor of a group of 15to 17 students.

Details of the mentoring system:

* To interact with students about their needs, problems, difficulties and address them effectively. The mentor maintains record of students.

* Students are informed regarding skill development programs and motivated to do the MOOCs.

* The mentor regularly observes the overall growth of student and provides counseling whenever required.

* Newly admitted students are counseled for personal problems and they are informed regarding the mentoring and other student support system.

* Faculties are with a Whatsapp group with their mentees and always keep contact with their mentees throughout the year.

* Mentors regularly monitor and counsel students, assist students in academics, trainings, projects and support them in extra and co-curricular activities.

* These are also essential for their Mandatory Additional Requirements (MAR) activities which are monitored by affiliated university (MAKAUT).

* Based on their performance in internal assessments, knowledge, cognitive skills weak and bright learners are identified. Weak learners are given academic and moral support and remedial measures are taken. Bright learners are encouraged to take up summer research projects, based on their performance and interest they are encouraged for applying fellowships and competitive exams.

* Even mentorship program is also monitored through university web portal on regular basis.

Efficacy of the System:

* The system develops an interaction among the teachers, students and parents.

* The system helps to improve the academic performance of the students.

* The involvement of students in the academics has been increased like class work, attendance, paper presentations, participation in cultural activities etc.

* Teachers are also becoming more responsive to the needs of the learner day by day.

* The system is working very well as per the expectation of the students as well as institution.