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Student Care Facility

Here is a detailed list of college students care facilities that should be provided to the students:

In Remedial classes for academically week students are regularly held in the college as need essential by the concern teacher in spite of huge occupancy of class hours. In Remedial classes, the teachers take care of the students individually, listen to their problems and make them understand the portion which they did not understand properly in the class rooms. Counseling classes are also organized to resolve any other problem of the students and to guide them for building their career.

The College has the online fees payment facilities for all (except all admission aspirants) to desirable students for avoiding in queues and bank draft charges.

College provides a Medical Health Insurance to all the students as accidental benefit, up to their tenure as students of this college.

Learner friendly internet and computer access is available to the students, faculty and staff during the college hours. The College is providing Wi-Fi facilities for students, faculties & all concern also.

The College has requisite “state of the art” laboratories with necessary gas, water and electricity supply. The Institution has 12 number of sophisticated modern laboratories equipped with required instruments, glass wares and chemicals. The interior designs of the laboratories have been focused with modern architectures and acid resistant vitrified floor tiles on the top of working surface. Central instrument laboratory is enriched with HPLC & UV spectrophotometer along with other essential equipments.

The College has a well set modern computer laboratory with a terminal student ratio 1:1, each node equipped with P-IV processor, writer and requisite number of printers. All nodes are configured under on LAN and all are connected with broadband internet. In the year 2008, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (M.A.K.A.U.T.), Salt Lake City , Kolkata has set up latest developed satellite communication audio visual system, SIT (developed by B.E.L., I.S.R.O. & W.E.B.E.L.) which came in great use for students, staff for the purpose of seminars and workshops.

We are also fighting against the corona viruses, means COVID-19; we are completely sanitizing our college as deemed essential on basis of the situation. We have installed automatic sanitization machines at the entry point of the college. The proposal for installation of more sanitization systems is in our active consideration.

The class rooms are digitally equipped with LCD projector along with smart class rooms’ facilities. The rooms are well set and have good seating arrangement. The College is also providing separate tutorial rooms facilities as per the norms.

The library has very rich collection of books and journals related to pharmacy & allied health sciences. In library, at present there are requisite numbers of books as per norms of apex bodies, with requisite number of titles. Books are published by the renowned Indian and overseas publishers. Fifteen numbers of National & International journals have enriched the library as regular subscriptions. Apart from issuing of books for residents, reading room facility is also provided for instant and general reference as per college rules. The College is providing E-Library & E-Journals facilities for students, faculties & all concern. The College is providing Wi-Fi facilities for students, faculties & all concern also.

The College has a very good canteen to cater the basic needs of the staff & students. Our canteen is the food safety lincence holder. The internal environment of the canteen is very hygienic and meals and Tiffin are provided at justified rate.

The College also provides Reprographic (Xerox) facility adjacent to its library, and students are availing the same at very cheaper rate.


As required, the College has an Animal House approved by Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), also has the Medicinal Plant Garden facilities for learning of students about different species of plants available in abundant at our surroundings. This garden has good number of medicinal plants. Further the college has a museum of Pharmaceutical products & related learning items.Apart from the above, the campus is under CCTV surveillance. Chilled drinking water & also aqua guards are available in campus for all. Students are informed by digital board for academic & related matters. The College has SMS System to provide the basic needs & information of the Students, Parents & Staff. The campus is under the Fire Safety Protection also.

We have requisite faculties as required by the norms, and the College is proud of, for its dedicated faculty members, who are always special caring towards academics related activities of students.

• Career Counseling.

• Open Access to Library.

• Teachers' Performance Appraisal.

• Academic Counseling by the mentors.

• Dissemination of information on quality aspects.

• Recording and monitoring quality measures of the institution.

• Circulation of important official messages through SMS portal.

• Development and application of quality benchmarks in various activities of the institution.

• Special arrangement by the institution for quality development through soft skill related activities.

• The IQAC of the college is assessing for quality education and better managed institution through best academic performance and placement as well.

Student credit cards are designed by Govt. of West Bengal  to help you start building credit. They function like regular credit cards, except they tend to offer lower credit limits and little to no incentives. You don't necessarily have to be a student to qualify for a student credit card, depending on the issuer. College help the students as institutional verifier and advisor. 

For details please contact: 

  • Mr. Aakash Saha, Assistant Professor , Nodel officer for Students Credet Card
  • Mr. Gourab Banik, Office Assistant , Help desk officer for Students Credit Cards 

Scholarship is financial aid provided to a student on a certain basis, usually primarily academic merit. They can be based on several eligibility criteria such as needs, country or region of origin, field of study, race, etc. Scholarship money does not have to be paid back as it is not a loan. BCDA College of Pharmacy & Technology helped for the same of students and our college helps students who apply for various scholarships like central government, state government and privet level scholarship also.  

Students are awarding scholarship like WBFS, Minority (renewal & fresh), Jindal Foundation, & Governments Scholarships (Oasis, Akyashree, National Scholarship, SVMCM) at different point of times.

The College has a provision in awarding the “Atul Krishna Dutta Memorial Award” to few meritorious students.

Details of scholarship portal:

  • National Scholarship Portal:
  • Aikyashree Scholarship: 
  • SVMCM (V4.0) :
  • Kanyashree:
  • ST/SC/OBC Scholarship:
  • WBFS:


For more details please contact :

  • Mr. Gourab Banik (For scholarship affairs of online & offline) 

The students have the opportunity to explore the hidden talents in the field of games & sports, to encourage harmony within the students.Co-curricular activities are those activities that are undertaken along with academic studies. Typically, co-curricular activities are carried out outside the normal classrooms, but they supplement the academic curriculum and help in learning by doing.

College and students are organize and participate in Co curricular activities of our college. Details of Co curricular activities are  student  wall magazine ,  books magazine musical performances in various students programs, art shows,  debate competitions,  Sports activities, swrasti puja, students reunion, college fest,  college picnic, blood donation camp, health check up camp, Annual seminar, NPW, pharmacists day etc are organized every year as a part of routine program of academic calendar. 

BCDA College of Pharmacy & Technology,Hridaypur, Barasat is conducting GPAT & PGAT Counseling to encourage the students for efficient preparation as well as better performance in completive examinations for admission in PG program and placement as well. 

College is providing Railway Concession form after completion of MAKAUT registration process. Railway Concession forms will be issued to the student to daily travel from Home town to College Only. Students up to age of 25 years (in case of UR) and students up to age of 27 years (in case of SC/ST) can avail student’s concession (MST/QST) @ 50 % of fare by exchanging concession order issued form institution concerned. 

Further, we also Railway Concession form will be issued for educational tour purpose. 

We do not give education loan to students directly, but if any papers/certificates are required by the college from the respective bank through which the students take the education loan, it is provided by the college. Students are complete their higher education and accomplish their dreams. 

For details please contact: 

Mr. Atanu Das, Office Assistant