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PEO, Institutional Strength & Values


Pharmacy Graduates will:

•    Successfully establish themselves as technically sound professionals in the field of pharmacy with confidence and global competitiveness and made intellectual contributions to it.
•    Acquire knowledge and skills to serve the community by creating awareness about healthcare issues and also gather the capacity to work as a team in a dynamic environment.
•    Carry out advanced studies and attain higher qualifications applying his or her knowledge and experience towards an advanced professional degree
•    Be well equipped to participate in research and innovations and pursue a career for lifelong learning with personal and professional growth.


•    Visionary leadership and healthy relationship with all the stakeholders.
•    Impressive performance of the students in the University examinations.
•    Excellent Infrastructure as per norms of the all apex bodies.
•    Commendable support from all quarter including different apex bodies.
•    Computerized Office, Administration (including Accounts Section) and Library.
•    Additional Course in Communicative English &  Aptitude Development, for updating soft Skills, Corporate Training and Placement Assistance, Medical unit, etc.
•    Extraordinarily effective Mentor- Mentee System


A set of core values are the source of magnitude for the eminent institution/organization. Herein are five core values that will define success and continuous progress of our College, we believe. We listed these five because we find these have universal meaning and can be applied in any situation and one shall encounter in life forever.

Values in brief are:

Perseverance: We will desire in persistence by doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. 

Endurance: We will set target and continue with races can be run either to cover  set of difficulties and laps as quickly as possible, or to cover as much space as possible over a preset amount of time.

Dignity:  Our dignity will focus in patience care, acknowledgment of respect, reliability, respect the rights of others, and recognition of every one’s self-sufficiency. 

Ethics: It is crucial to note that “ethics are extreme essential to leadership”. A leader drives and influences the subordinates / followers to achieve a common goal, be it in case of team work, organizational quest, or any other purpose, ethics always play an eternal motivator to all concerns.

Reverence to all: Reverence leads to real worship and effectual leadership because we can acknowledge / honor someone’s contribution to the area dispensed. It is an important force to be acceded, which always make it purposeful.