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Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodologies to be Practiced with Immediate Effect 
(Good Teaching Practice-GTP)

Medium of instruction: English & will be only English
Preamble: Dynamism is the significant step of survival and progressing, and stagnancy is the signal of wearing away, hence for achieving the best one must have to be flexible in adopting with the changing demand. We never were in exception; it has taken different shape from the beginning to till date, especially after our consideration of NBA accreditation, in the first phase and continuous lockdown in the current phase. We are adopting with the changing demand and also ready to adopt more and more as per the expert opinion or any opinion from any source. 

We always kept few parameters in front our faculties out of which the most common one is maintaining a fair and unbiased educational pattern at all sphere; others are like as cited below:

Pre NBA Application stage:

•    Best performance of students and in building up of best career as well
•    Enhancing the reputation of the Institutive in all sphere including apex bodies like AICTE, PCI, MAKAUT , office of the DTE, Govt. of West Bengal in general and students communities in particular.
•    Monitoring of completion of the self made course plan within schedule 
•    Adopting remedial measures for weaker students for making no backlog status
•    Creating a healthy environment among senior junior for sharing smoothly the motivation of higher education (at national/international) and assisting in placement process also.
•    Encouraging of faculty and students, for research and publication within our existing facilities

Post NBA and Post Covid-19 Stage of application:

It was redefined after post NBA & Post Covid-19, application stage, and like- 
•    Achieving Vision, Mission and Program Educational Objectives (PEO) 
•    Fulfilling the NBA guidelines and achieving as possible as perfect CO-PO mapping
•    Adopting the teaching –learning method as much as possible as we stated in the e-SAR
•    Technologies as available to the maximum number of students

All the teachers have done e-SAR works and also were aware about the same. It came then the

Post NBA Application & Lockdown Stage

•     Convenient, students friendly mode of technologies are preferred like ZOOM, Google Meet, which are mainly PPT and you tube dependent.
•    Within the notifications of the MAKAUT/PCI/AICTE
•    Circulation as received from MAKAUT for CA, PCA, MAR & MOOCs etc.

May be termed as “Good Classes Conduction Practice (GCCP)
Course plan is an important tool for these pedagogical activities and one has summarized his / her semester activities within the above. It will be for online activities right now, and will follow up for offline in future course of time.

A.    For online mode

(i)    Joining to the room will be at sharp schedule without any delay time and wait for the students (if possible)
(ii)    At the starting of each semester class, course teacher should discuss on the “Outcome Based Education as per NBA” so that students will be well aware about it.
(iii)    Well before starting of the session, Course Evaluation Plan and Lesson Plan to be prepared for whole of the semester session. 
(iv)    For each course, Course Outcome (CO) and Course Outcome versus Program Outcome Mapping (CO-PO Mapping) to be drawn by the concern teacher.
(v)    Each faculty has to create a Whatsapp group and google classroom with all the concerned students and practice to deliver live classes through official zoom platform / Google meet (with prior consent). 
(vi)    Scope of recapitulation to be kept available for beginning of next class.
(vii)    Brighter and weaker students are to be identified according to the NBA guidelines, and remedial measures to be taken as needed. 
(viii)    Pattern of class test /surprise test information to be provided at the very beginning along with remedial measures.
(ix)    On line poll system to be developed and adopted in a surprised mode, conducted based on discussed topics in the pattern of MCQs from the concerned topics.
(x)    Self study/home study materials to be provided-
Study materials / related study source to be given in well advance or at least on the day of class conducted- like: Text books / Reference books / Notes / E-content / Reputed journals / Web Link / YouTube video etc.

(xi)    In tutorial first one / two weeks or off and on may be spared for professional motivation, delivering case study, citing about latest status pharmacy profession / new invention etc., as relevant.
(xii)    Assessment tools to used as MAKAUT guideline as and those are: Slot exams (Two) / Assignment /Quiz
(xiii)    Active learning for better engagement with the contents discussed like: - question-answer session as required during the teaching in the classroom /case study / project etc.
(xiv)    Preparing MCQs from each unit as per syllabus by the students and verification by faculty concern.


In each class one may practice the follow this pattern with little variation every time to make the class attractive or as par need of the situation.
•    A convenient time (4/5 minutes), to be allotted for entry of the students to join in class as this is on online platform there may be some internet issues.
•    Another (4/5 minutes) may be spending with them by repeating the previous class to make a smooth transition into the present topic.
•    Core classes are expected from these 40 to 45 minutes, sparing to cover up Main Content /Topic Delivery, to make the class attentive, someone may chose / takes help of other electronics media like video from you-tube, alongside the ppt presentation.  A verbal notification may be given at this stage if someone feels some important part of topic is completed and a class test is needed or signal for surprise test.
•     Conclusive 4/5 minutes may be spared for doubt clearing / as question answer practicing schedule. 

Pedagogical methods as noted below were adopted / provided where ever applicable, convenient to mass students and also we are committed to NBA e-SAR: 
-    Instructor-led Training (ILT) By Power Point Presentation
-    Other Web Resources / Video Link sharing etc., for convenience and  self-study
-    Peer Learning /Teaching
-    Presentation by Students
-    Brain Storming discussion
-    Quizzes on selective and pre-notified topics
-    Group Discussion / collaborative learning.
-    Student Centric Learning, Like PBL (Problem Based Learning), Learning By Doing (LBD), Case Study etc.
-    Handout and related sources
-    E- Content.


It to be arranged for sparing four hours for each practical class and though online the followings are to be brought to knowledge of students.
A.    Mandatory message to all students concerns  
•    Briefing about and don’t
•    Proper guidance of utilization of laboratory equipment, its proper placing after utilization
•    Cleaning of self zone before leaving the laboratories and sharing the same with laboratory technician 
•    How to monitor the laboratory note book, and by which date it to make ready for concern faulty signature.
•    Making necessary comments / corrections by faculties in case any discrepancy(s)/mistakes

B. Besides the above followings is for faculty concerns:
  (a) Standard operating procedure/ lab manual to be provided to all the students. 
 (b) A deliberation may be presented with proper explanation of the background and   mechanism of the experiment/ demonstration, students perform their laboratory works. 
 (c) Faculties to be made available to satisfy the queries at the time of experiment in the practical classes.
(d) Faculties may guide laboratories technician and updating him as per need to conduct classes independently in exiting emergency.
(e) All time presence of one faculty is desirable, where two faculties are deputed in any course of practical classes. 
(f) A visit to be made in the laboratories at the end of experiments (if not possible whole time due to an existing emergency) for completion of documentation process official.
(g) Evaluation to be done as per guidelines of the MAKAUT
(h) Special care expected
(i) Regarding lock and key in liaison with laboratory technicians, especially before and after holidays in time of offline classes.
(ii) For fixing up photo/picture of relevant scientist /experiments done in the laboratory.


(1)     During lockdown session, whole of the practical syllabus are to be conducted in virtual laboratory sessions, like- YouTube links or audios- videos  mode as recorded by the faculties and laboratory technicians in our laboratories
(2)     Also rules and guidelines as noted in points A & B to be followed 
(3)     Any other circulations as receive from the affiliated  university 

B.    FOR PHYSICAL /OFFLINE MODE OF THEORY CLASSES : Will be given in due course

C.    TUTORIAL CLASSES: It to an one hour class as per the routine circulated-
The classes will continue as per routine, and after completion of each chapter one or two hour classes may conduct for critical question discussions, quiz tests etc.
Besides doubt clearing, tutorial classes may be conducted as interactive session, conduction of class test, quizzes, presentation by students, G D / collaborative / peer learning etc.

Conclusion: We know and also  believe  that  there would be some variation in faculties to faculties but in around 50 to 70%  remain common , and rest are as per the need of the course contents, appearance / response of the participating students after deliberation, technologies available etc. However, in case of any continuous variation it to be brought to the notice of the Principal.

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