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Our Department

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Department of Pharmaceutics
Master of Pharmacy

The post graduate program (M,Pharm) of Pharmaceutics focused on research and coursework related to the formulation, development and biopharmaceutical characterization of drug products.
In our college the Department of Pharmaceutics   has 12 faculty members (Principal himself, 01 more Professor, 2 Associate Professors (one of them has multifaceted industrial experiences),    8 Assistant Professors) with wide range of academic and research experiences.
In higher learning of pharmaceutics one has the scope of learning the Development and evaluation of -

•    Multi-particulate Drug Delivery Systems
•    Sustained Release Dosage Forms
•    Immediate-release dosage forms
•    Ocular Drug Delivery Systems
•    Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems Implants
•    Semisolid dosage forms
•    Dental preparations
•    Microspheres
•    Nano-pharmaceuticals (nano-particles, liposomes, solid lipid nanoparticles, dendrimers, etc).

And thus, Pharmaceutics in M.Pharm is the

1. Most sought out specialization all over Pharmacy curriculum.
2. Core pharmacy subject, almost all other subjects are highly correlated with the other specializations of pharmaceutical sciences
3.  Premier placement scenario in the pharmaceutical production house is for Pharmaceutics
4.  M.Pharm, in Pharmaceutics get absorbed in industries 
 - For the pilot plant studies
- As pre-formulation pharmacist
- In formulation and development
- Regulatory Affairs
- R & D (Formulation methodology)
- Biopharmaceutical enhancement of the drug & formulation 
- IPQA (In Process Quality Assurance) - one of the best paid sectors in the pharmaceutical houses.
- Production process of core pharmaceuticals including cosmetics 
- PMT (Product Management Team) a very lucrative sector in pharmaceutical houses 



Few special features in preferring, Master of Pharmacy at our BCDA College of Pharmacy & Technology, Hridaypur.

The vision of the College is “To emerge as a renowned pharmacy institute carving the youth as competent, valued, ethical entrepreneur and self-reliant pharmacist of global repute for the wellbeing of humanity.”

With this vision, the brainchild of BCDA Members Benevolent Trust; BCDA College of Pharmacy and Technology was established in the year 2006. The student should choose this college for various grounds, like:

    A Pioneer and Stand Alone Pharmacy Institute of West Bengal
    Top Class faculty: Be taught and mentored by faculty members who are outstanding teachers and top class researchers. Faculty members are very caring in teaching-learning systems, both general and tutorial classes. Maximum of them are having their research publications, in national and international journals, also published books chapter. 
     Best academic environment: The College has always tried and implemented the best academic environment in the college campus since its establishment in 2006. 
    Well Equipped for M. Pharm: The college has well equipped and spacious laboratory which contains different instruments both for UG & PG Laboratory
    Enrich library & E-Library: The library has a very rich collection of books and journals related to pharmacy & allied health sciences, there is E-Library & E-Journals facilities for students, faculties & all concerns. 
    High Power Wi-fi connection: The College provides Wi-Fi facilities for students, faculties & all concerns also. 
    Animal House: The institute has its own animal house since 2008, which is recognized by CPCSEA. Regular I.A.E.C. meetings happen so that students can publish research papers
    Caring management: The BCDA Members Benevolent Trust has given the top priority in the teaching- learning process and has appointed adequate number of teaching faculties as prescribed by the norms of the Pharmacy Council of India, and there was no deficiency at any point of time since establishment. 
    Cost free coaching: GPAT coaching class for the GPAT coaching for all of our students for facilitating towards higher education (a) GPAT (b) Soft Skill Development 
    Cost free soft skill training facility: Grooming classes for arranging better placement through in or off campus interview, other than soft skill development through additional English classes out of MAKAUT course curricula.  

It has an excellent placement record, in UG, already achieved excellent academic and research facility, and following best method of pedagogy to meet the current requirements of pharmaceutical industries, academics, and regulatory bodies.

Beside the College has: 

1.    Top set up in classrooms with white board and projectors system. 
2.    Best faculty members with proven track record in teaching and student’s friendly approach and more focused to conduct the practical classes in parallel to theory classes.
3.    One of the best library facilities with adequate reference books, national/ international journals and e- library facilities.
4.    Best and spacious laboratories having all the requisite equipments to perform practical classes. Teachers are more focused to conduct the practical works.
5.     Conducting adequate Seminars/Conferences/ workshops on regular basis.

Why at our College?

    Highly qualified and experienced (all are PhD for PG program) faculty members are sparkling in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry department. 
     Well equipped laboratories with modern instruments.
     Provide good research facilities.
    A quality library.. 
    In academics there are lots of opportunities / demands for the Students having M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. 
    Reputed organization with bulk drugs production facilities preferred pharmaceutical chemistry specialist besides research organization / life sciences research organisations.