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Mandatory Curricular Activities


Induction training program:

As directed by the MAKAUT from session 2018-19, an activity, under the title of “Induction Training Program” for the new students (admitted in 1st year, in each academic session) has started, and the aim of the induction program is to acclimatize the students to the environment of the respective institution, giving them a flavor of the exiting new world of education that they are entering providing them with the mentoring schemes and making them aware with their neighborhood, society and people. These programs of three weeks are mandatory for the entire fresher’s.

Industrial and Hospital Training:

Every student shall be mandatorily required to work for at least 150 hours spread over minimum one month in a Pharmaceutical Industry, to gain some practical knowledge which is beneficial for their job prospect. The training includes Production unit, Quality Control department, Quality Assurance department, Analytical laboratory, Chemical manufacturing unit, Pharmaceutical R&D, Clinical Research Organization, etc., as per the guidelines of PCI New Delhi, and shall submit satisfactory report of such works and certificate duly signed & issued by the authority of training organization to the head of the institute.

As of now, our students have successfully undergone training in different reputed Pharmaceutical companies some of them are: Alkem, Lupin, Gluconate Health , Drakt Pharmaceutical, La-Chemico, Stadmed  Albert-David, Caplet India. Nuak Laboratories , Emcee Pharmaceuticals, Palsons Drug , Mendine Pharmaceuticals., Deys Medical , Klarsehen., East India Pharmaceuticals, Viva Med Labs Ltd, Sun Pharma and others eminent companies.

Students' & alumni Feedback:

Apart from the opinions of the parents, the college also takes feedback from all outgoing students at the end of their final semester. The students are asked to express their perception and experience about various areas of the college like canteen, library, college office, college administration, quality of teaching- earning etc. They are also asked to provide their suggestions for making these areas better and students friendly. Feedbacks from alumni are also taken at a regular interval.


There is another feature of activities from MAKAUT termed as Mandatory Additional Requirements (MAR), which are applicable for all the students. In addition to above MOOCs courses for additional credit earning have to be taken for honours degree in B.Pharm.

Project work for students:

All the students shall undertake a project in final semester, under the supervision of a teacher and submit a report. The area of the project shall be decided by the supervisor in consultation with the student. The project may be carried out in group not exceeding three in number. The internal and external examiner appointed under the guidelines of the MAKAUT, shall evaluate the project at the time of end semesters practical examinations.

Practice School:

In the VII semester, every candidate shall undergo practice school for a period of 150 hours evenly distributed throughout the semester. The student shall be opted any one of the domains for practice school declared by the academic (program) committee from time to time.

Parent Teacher College Authority Meeting:

Another best practice of the college is to organize the Parent-Teacher College Authority Meeting (PTCAM) in each semester in each academic year, preferably in the mid of the semesters. The parents are given opportunity to place their views for the betterment of the students and college as well, also put forward their opinion about how to make the teaching most students friendly. Brief us, those limitations of his / her ward have told them about us and our institution and we brief the limitations we observed in his / her ward, it encourages the academic performance of students and ultimately for best placement.


Another important aspect is going to be introduced by the MAKAUT is ‘online attendance monitoring system (OAMS) and those students will fall short of cut off percentage of attendance, will be denied access to the online examinations form for writing semester examinations, the college will established the same as per circulation of MAKAUT.

Research scope:

Teacher and Students have shown huge interest, excellent performance, done good number of scientific researches, which encouraged them for publications in national and international journals. Good many of publication & presentation are achieved every year by them.

Attending conferences, publishing in journals / international journal and presenting poster provide great opportunities for everyone to communicate their research to a wide and interested audience, get feedback on their works, learn from other presenters and broaden their professional network.
 Publishing in the National journal / International journal will help to connect students to those faculty members in a way that instant often achieved in the typical classroom setting. Publishing and Poster presentation may also help students connect with other professionals and researchers in the field, providing new opportunities for collaboration and future study.